Cinderella’s Lost

Shoe Tales 2

(This is part of an ongoing creative story series I created titled ‘Shoe Tales.’ For more, follow ‘Shoe Tales’ on Instagram)

Cinderella lost her wedge in the Bronx the other night.

A Cinderella who loves animal prints, patterns and ziggy-zags on sky-high heels. She’s loved leopard print ever since she laid eyes on a Lisa Frank folder in elementary school – the kind with the bright ass animated leopards; royal purple noses, soulful green eyes, their spotty cartoon paws nestled on a neon blue log.

But the other night, one of Cinderella’s wedges didn’t make it home.

Instead, its owner stumbled drunkenly by a guy’s 2013 Chevrolet Cruz. Red party cups joined it, two feet away. Hope Cinderella hitched a ride – it would have been an uneven walk home.

(Photo Credit: @50ShadesOfBeige)

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