The Broken Pumps

ST Pumps

(This is part of an ongoing creative story series I created titled ‘Shoe Tales.’ For more, follow ‘Shoe Tales’ on Instagram)

There they were, left and right. Both lifeless in a grey waste basket.

The Calvin Klein pumps had been through a rough life. Purchased back in 2012 at the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square, the pair’s owner eventually brought it to the Sunshine State. Good ole’ Florida.

In New York City, the pumps had been worn for job interviews and special conferences – graduate school events. They were used to walk on long, gritty blocks in Manhattan and over countless blackened gum dots. They had stepped over many puddles of unidentifiable liquids and danced around lost tourists who moved at a snail’s pace.

Life in Florida? The pumps thought this new chapter would be much easier.

Little did they know, soon after arriving, their heels would become crippled by the sharp teeth of a rescue dog visiting their owner one day.

While a group of humans caught up on life, the excited dog caught side of the left pump first, grabbed it and nestled with it in a bedroom corner. Its white teeth sunk into the heel, creating permanent chew marks. Next up was the right.

Though scarred for life, the pumps were still used for work. The rest of the shoe was still intact, the owner thought, so why not? ‘These are Calvin Klein baby,’ she thought.

Months later, the already-worn pumps were taken on a sprint across their owner’s office in Doral. Didn’t know where they were going exactly, but the owner was frantic. She worked in news, and urgency is always present. Annoyingly present.

She had taken the pumps on many sprints throughout the newsroom, but this one may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.
As she turned the corner, her dark, flowing hair whipping behind her, the left heel became unhinged. Straight broke off.

Down she went.

For a moment, she sat there. A worried co-worker helped her up, and the owner sheepishly took off both heels and walked briskly to her desk.

She studied the broken heel for a moment and the three sharp nails protruding from the left sole. The owner thought back to all the times she used the pumps. She was appreciative.

They had a good run.

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