Quislaona: A Dominican Fantasy Anthologyout now — welcomes you to the fantasy island where the water glows with magic, and the Loro flies high. Run alongside ciguapas protecting the island’s sacred hearts or listen to the merfolk chat at Mimi’s Bar. Quislaona is a collection of stories and comics based on a fantasy island. It is a fascinating intersection of art, literature and speculative fiction, as well as a celebration of Dominican voices. Inside, you’ll discover tales of water, heartbreak, family, and magic.

This project is a collaborative effort between three organizations. The Dominican Writers Association, Worldbuilding Magazine, and Cultura Cómic RD.

I’m proud to have a short story, “Yula,” in this beautiful anthology, along with an incredible group of writers and artists.

I am thrilled to have a short story in Sana Sana: Latinx Pain and Radical Visions for Healing and Justice (out now by Common Notions Press), an anthology edited by David Luis Glisch-Sánchez and Nic Rodriguez-Villafañe.

Read more about the collection here.

“Usually it’s a pebble in my shoe that leads me through what I’m writing, something that is an inquietud, or restlessness, something bothering you.” — Julia Alvarez